Brand Voice & Copy

Brand Voice

Adaptiva’s brand voice is constructed to reflect the company’s core values. Our voice is sincere, honest, friendly, human, and not without a sense of humor.

Our staff are considered experts in our industry, and we don’t refrain from reaching out to help others in seek of technical help or to engage with our tech community, even if it might not result in a qualified sales lead.

Editorial Standards


Chicago Manual of Style

Technical content

Microsoft Manual of Style



Job Titles

Lowercase. ex: chief operating officer.

Various, industry-specific standards

WorkFlow Designer & Engine


WorkFlow Designer, WorkFlow Engine, WorkFlow Designer & Engine


Workflow Designer, Workflow Engine, Workflow Designer and Engine

Work flow Designer, Work flow Engine, Work flow Designer and Engine

Work Flow Designer, Work Flow Engine, Work Flow Designer and Engine


One word: datasheet


Data sheet

On Premise / “On Premises”

Use on premises, and on-premises hyphenated when used as a modifier. Never use on premise or on-premise. Here’s why.