Adaptiva Brand Guidelines

Welcome to the Adaptiva Brand Guidelines! Here, you’ll find articles on how to properly use the components that comprise our brand, including the logo, brand colors, typefaces, copywriting standards, and more.

It’s important to adhere to these guidelines in order to provide a seamless experience across all of our platforms for our users, customers, and prospects. Our goal is for all of our branded content and resources to be instantly recognizable as Adaptiva.

I hope these guidelines will be clear and helpful, while providing a deep understanding of our brand, design process, and why we do things the way we do.

By the way, this website was designed to push these guidelines to the limit and does not necessarily serve as an appropriate example of Adaptiva brand execution. We also took a few liberties in the name of creativity and occasionaly convenience. Do not try at home unless you want angry emails.


Jesse Rogers

Creative Director