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We’ve been busy, and there’s a bunch of other stuff I need to write about, but since this is a major addition to this particular site, it’s getting bumped to the front of the writing queue.

Today, Adam and I have launched The Lab — a digital playground of sorts where we’ll host web development projects, ranging from fun experiments to in-house solutions that solve real-world problems.

I’m gonna level with you: I built the Lab UI in one day, a lot of which happened during a company party with more than a little alcohol involved. It does feel a little plain and basic right now, so maybe we can spruce it up in the future.

Someday, I hope to build and store a full UI component library within the structure of the lab to help document and standardize web-dev practices at Adaptiva.

The First Lab Kit

We’ve been hiring a lot of engineers lately, and I’m sure their email signatures (if they even have one) are more than a little off-brand. So, I coded out a little form that generates inline-styled markup that can be accurately copied and pasted into an email signature.

Check it Out

I’m excited to keep building new things and continuing to learn and improve in the field of web development. Don’t forget to subscribe for new Design Lab updates: