All posts We built a website to help everyone understand the Adaptiva brand. Now what?

Welcome! You’ve navigated to this post, which means that this website is functioning and at least somewhat usable in production — awesome.

If you’re unfamiliar with Adaptiva, the Adaptiva Design Lab, or both, then check out the main website to learn more about the company. As for the Design Lab, we are the in-house creative team that does all things visual communications, led by yours truly. We make the videos, printed collateral, trade show booths, company photos, web design, web development, animation, illustration, etc. etc. etc. We do a lot.

I’ve lovingly designed, wireframed, prototyped, and coded this website from scratch for two main purposes:

To house the Adaptiva brand assets and guidelines, and to show off all the cool stuff we do here at the Design Lab.

In the future, we’ll add more to this site, like a portfolio of featured projects, web development standards and component libraries, and more.

Please take a few minutes to poke around the site and read through the brand guidelines, and check out the blog to see what we’ve been up to. Or rather, what we’ve been up to that we have time to write about.

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We had a lot of fun designing and building this website, so we hope you find it useful, intuitive, and enjoyable.

See you around.